Investigation and Implementation of Integrated Electronic Scanning Automotive Radar Sensor front-end module at 77/79GHz band for Short and Long Range, High Angle and Range Resolution detection

The main objective of this project is to investigate, design, fabricate and characterize an integrated front end module for next generation of automotive radar sensors, which have the ability of pedestrian detection and detecting short-range and long-range objects
around the car. To meet such requirements and to reduce the size of the radar sensor, next generation of automotive radar sensors should be designed at millimeter wave (76-81 GHz) with sufficiently low production cost for mass market. This introduce several research
challenges in both transceiver and antenna array. This area is an active research and development program of the industrial partner
(MMSense Technologies) and the post-doctoral fellow will contribute in research of low cost antenna array in LTCC technology, as well as beam-forming transceiver front-end technology research including Low noise amplifier (LNA), power amplifier (PA) design, phase shifter in low cost CMOS Technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Safieddin Safavi-Naeini


Seyyed Hassan Mousavi


MMsense Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Advanced manufacturing


University of Waterloo



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