Investigation of cloud computing for business transaction management


The aim of this project is to experimentally assess and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of cloud computing in relation to data centric enterprise applications requiring real-time user interaction.  This research will consist of two major phases.   In the first phase, the goal is to deploy and evaluate a significant existing enterprise application, i.e. INETCO Insight network monitoring system, within cloud environments.     The second phase will seek to explore deeper integration of the application with cloud specific services and capabilities, for example to utilize a cloud native datastore, and implementing  the surge model of cloud wherein a private cloud provides baseline functions and a public cloud is used to augment capacity dynamically for certain functions.   The surge model is appealing as it may allow Insight to broaden the range of analyses that users can access interactively (in real time).   

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Charles 'Buck' Krasic


Primal Wijesekera


INETCO Systems Ltd


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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