Investigation of interactions between biobased wax emulsions and pMDI wood adhesives

Wax emulsions are widely used in conjunction with wood adhesives to improve overall dimensional stability of the resulting wood products. In this study, we will investigate kraft lignin and waste tallow as sustainable, biobased partial replacements for fossil fuel derived wax. These renewable, hydrophobic materials can be formulated into a wax emulsion using conventional emulsification chemistry. Due to the chemical structural difference between a fossil fuel derived wax and kraft lignin and tallow, we will explore interactions between these biobased wax emulsions and pMDI resin, with a special focus on curing characteristics and wood bonding performance. Results from this project will shed light on potential chemical and physical interactions among various components of the wax emulsions and pMDI adhesives. Insights gained from this study will be highly beneficial for designing new biobased wax emulsions for the wood products industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ning Yan


Heyu Chen


Walker Emulsions






University of Toronto



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