Investigation of sulphur compound behaviour on surface operations on offshore platforms

The process of an oil and gas reservoir being “soured” by hydrogen sulphide is complex due to the many operations (e.g. changing production methods and waterflooding). The phenomena of souring occurs in most reservoirs were secondary or enhanced oil/gas recovery takes place. Hydrogen sulphide casues a number of operational and safety problems such as scaling, air quality issues, and corrosion. Due to the reactivity of sulphur, the process that produces the hydrogen sulphide and related sulphur compunds is a complex chemical and biological process. In this project we will study the behaviour of sulphur compounds as they move through the surface handling facilities in an effort to better understand the chemical flux of the sulphur between different species. This will aid in the overall understanding of how to better handle soured gases and wastewaters on offshore plaforms where reservoir souring is occurring.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt


Bhagya Range


Suncor Energy Inc.


Engineering - petrochemical


Oil and gas


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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