Investigation of turbulent three-phase flows in the FLSmidth nextSTEPTM flotation cells using CFD-PBM-kinetic simulation framework

The proposed research is aimed at both understanding and improving the flotation equipment design through the development and application of comprehensive multiphysics platform, which has the potential to create more accurate, fundamental basis for modeling, optimization, and scale-up of industrial flotation processes, based on physics rather than empirics and intuition. The objective of this research is to systematically study and demonstrate the effect of operating conditions and flotation tank design (impeller diameter to tank diameter ratio) on flotation performance of 6 m3 and 660 m3 FLSmidth nextSTEPTM forced-air mechanical flotation cells. The research will use CFD modeling to simulate three-phase flows in the flotation cell. The existing in-house CFD-kinetics flotation model will be improved and used to calculate the local attachment rate of particle-bubble aggregates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sanja Miskovic


Hassan Elhady Fayed


FLSmidth Ltd




Mining and quarrying




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