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From 1989 to the present, JFSA has been providing community based Resettlement and Employment Services to immigrants from many parts of the world. The main languages that the services are delivered in are Russian, Hebrew and English. The Resettlement program assists Immigrants in navigating the resettlement, integration, immigration and employment processes. Newcomers are assisted and supported in their adaptation to the Canadian Community. Through the employment services, JFSA prepares clients for opportunities to adjust to the Canadian business culture and meet employer's expectations. The program assist clients in their career exploration and planning process to ensure that all stages of career readiness and preparation are completed. JFSA assists clients with the job readiness process that will lead to meaningful employment. JFSA seeks partnerships where possible with other  employment service providers for access to complimentary programs and capacity building. The goal of the internship is to produce a web- based resource as well as a printed document that identifies relevant settlement and employment resources in the Greater Vancouver area. The focus of the internship is to identify, research and establish a direct contact with providers currently delivering varies provincially and federally funded as well as community based services with a purpose of creating a comprehensive library of resources easily accessible to the counselors as well as to the clients. The intern may also be able to identify gaps in the provincially and federally funded services that are critical for a successful integration of newcomers. In order to expand opportunities for the immigrants as well as the Canadian job seekers it is critical to have an up to date, efficient access to resources. A research- informed resource will also provide an opportunity for direct access to a specific contact person and to ensure a long term collaboration. JFSA has been fortunate to have, on a volunteer basis, the advice and mentorship from Dr. Stanley Blank, Ph.D., R. Psych., retired Industrial Psychologist and former UBC Professor. Dr. Blank would be happy to mentor an intern. This would involve being a sounding board for any proposed project, its design, analysis and report of same.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Merje Kuus


Michelle Drenker


Jewish Family Services Agency


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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