Kisik clean energy solar photovoltaic power with Sayisi Dene First Nation

Sayisi Dene First Nation is a fly-in remote northern Manitoba community wanting to shift to clean energy. Kisik Clean Energy focuses for this project on shifting this diesel energy-dependent First Nation communities to solar energy integrating energy storage with lithium-ion batteries for assisting with microgrid technology. The Sun will soon deliver the Sayisi Dene community’s power, and the diesel generators can switch off to reduce the diesel used per year. All the feasibility and engineering work are to be done by Kisik staff with their contractors, with an Indigenous doctoral student from the University of Manitoba assisting with community engagement. Community engagement will help the community build their capacity and interest in solar energy. Community programs to ensure local well-trained staff receive the jobs and have back-up supports requires some training programs. This program will not be limited to the clean energy champions but extend to the community and school-aged children.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shirley Thompson


Trea StormHunter


Kisik Marketing & Communication Ltd.


Resources and environmental management




University of Manitoba



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