“KnowMe Privately” – Conceptual design and prototypical implementation of a privacy-preserving, consumer-facing health portal service for active patient engagement and increased provider awareness

The aim of the project is to design effective informational security and privacy controls for a new type of patient health portal that will empower patients to share contextual information about their values, priorities and beliefs with members of their extended circle of care. Knowing “what matters” to patients is important for clinical decision-making in order to achieve the best possible outcomes from a patient perspective. However, such information is commonly not readily available to clinicians. The industrial partner in this project is developing the “KnowMe portal”, a Web-based service that empowers patients to register and share with their caregivers what matters to them. This internship project will design effective, yet easy to use mechanisms for protecting patient privacy in this portal solution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jens Weber


Ryan Habibi


Cerner Corporation


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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