Landscapes of Injustice, Curatorial Postdoctoral Fellowship

Amaratunga Railton’s proposed project is to take a leading role in curating the capstone public output of Landscapes of Injustice (LOI). LOI is a 7-year, intersectoral community-engaged research project exploring the dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the 1940s. LOI illustrates (1) the violation of human and civil rights at a time of perceived insecurity; (2) measures taken in the name of national defence; (3) the enduring harm of mass displacement, and loss of home and property; (4) human resilience. The travelling exhibit is one major research output of the project, culminating 4-years of intensive research by a national team. Under the direction of the Director/Curator of the Nikkei National Museum (NNM), the fellow will conduct research within the archives and scholarly outputs of LOI to create a major travelling exhibit to museums and institutions across Canada, with potential destinations abroad. TO BE CONT”D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jordan Stanger-Ross


Yasmin Railton


Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre








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