Large Inbox Voice Interaction Design

A traditional linear speech interface presents significant usability challenges when applied to large databases, like an inbox full of email. This presents an Interaction Design problem to overcome the inherent shortcomings of traditional voice interfaces for this application. The study will examine how users process their email using iLane (an in-vehicle voice interactive platform that seamlessly interfaces with existing smartphones), then design alternatives, refine, and test the selected alternative. This will create an understanding about the best procedures to use when creating voice interfaces for large databases in general. More specifically, this research will create a competitive advantage for iLane by improving the users' experience. Situations like operating a vehicle offer private time which is well-suited to processing email but those situations may be unsuitable to do tasks that require visual attention, like reading. The ability to remain informed and efficiently process email during those moments when there are few interpersonal distractions is a valuable benefit of iLane.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Randy Allen Harris


Ricardo Olenewa


Intelligent Mechatronic Systems


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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