Large Scale Simulations of Photonic Quantum Computers

Current quantum computers are in the “NISQ”, or Noisy-Intermediate-Scale-Quantum regime. The true potential of quantum computing will only be realized when noise levels are reduced or controlled, and large scale is achieved. Xanadu’s approach is to use photonic technology as the building blocks of their machines. This project addresses two related questions concerning the future development of these machines: A – In which conditions does a photonic quantum computer reach quantum advantage (demonstrating large speedups compared to today’s most powerful conventional computers)? B – What are the resources required to build a scalable, fault-tolerant photonic quantum computer? This project will provide the team with a better understanding of the requirements and tradeoffs involved in the future, much larger-scale generations of quantum photonic hardware that must be built in order to fully realize the potential of quantum computing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hoi-Kwong Lo;Henry Yuen;John Sipe


Eli Bourassa;Ilan Tzitrin;Arthur Mehta






University of Toronto



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