Laura Secord Campus Commons Material Deconstruction and Reuse

Willowbank Centre for Cultural Landscape will work with a University of Waterloo student to engage in an emerging process of building disassembly and material reuse. Demolishing a building and sending the debris to landfill sites is a huge loss of resources, energy, and historical value. This project becomes a prototype on how to reuse building materials in other contexts. Understanding existing building stock as an immense resource, this approach can transform the construction industry and create a different way of thinking about designing and building out of local, reclaimed materials.
The work of the intern will lay the ground work for the project, to determine if it is feasible based on the community consultation, developing forms of representation to describe the materials and deconstruction process, and develop preliminary design proposals for how to implement the re-used components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jane Hutton


Lucy Lin




Architecture and design




University of Waterloo



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