LCD Colour Correction of LED Back Light Arrays

A High Dynamic Range display is a display that can reproduce a wider range of image intensities than typical displays – that is, a range more closely matching the capabilities of the human visual system. Specifically, BrightSide Technologies’ DR37-P display can produce an eye-squinting 4000 cd/m2 (as bright as a ceiling fluorescent light) or as dim as 0 cd/m2. This large range is achieved by replacing the array of “always on” fluorescent tubes in a traditional LCD display with an array of individually-controlled high-power white LEDs, with image processing algorithms calculating for each input image the modulation pattern for the LEDs and LCD. However, due to manufacturing variability of the LEDs, each having a different “colour” of white, the resulting image may look yellowish in one area and bluish in another. This research project will seek to measure and model the output of each of the LEDs in an HDR display and correct for their variation in colour by adjusting the filter responses of the LCD panel of the HDR display. The relevant mathematical techniques to be applied include multidimensional data modelling, especially dimensionality reduction techniques, practical methods for optimization, as well as concepts and algorithms from image processing and color theory.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Zhang


Xiaoxing Li


BrightSide Technologies Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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