Leaching of chemical elements from Canadian Natural Oceanic Clay

This objective of this research is to investigate the properties of Oceanic Natural Oceanic Clay harvested by the Iron wood Clay Company in British Columbia, Canada. When the clay is applied to the skin, various cations and positively charged impurities on the skin can be removed by ion exchange mechanism. However, the clay materials can be both collectors and donors. It is likely that various elements are leached out from the clay material surfaces under different conditions that may interact with skin surfaces and cause irritation. For the subsequent fully understanding of the interactions of the clay with skin surfaces, it is critical to firstly assess what elements can be leached out and under what conditions they can be leached out, which is the focus of the current study.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wenying Liu


Mohsen Hashemzadeh


Ironwood Clay Company Inc


Engineering - other


Natural resources




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