Learning Analytics Visualizations to Motivate Students in Online Discussion Activities

Learning Analytics is the collection and analysis of data traces related to learning in order to inform and improve learning processes and/or their outcomes. In digital environments, this data can be easily captured. Hence, there is a particularly great opportunity to visualize these traces and put them in the hands of students to support their learning. This can help address the longknown problems of students not consistently receiving relevant, personalized and timely feedback on their learning and as a consequence not engaging as active agents of their own learning. This project is an endeavor to investigate the role of Learning Analytics Visualizations to motivate students with individual differences in online discussion activities. This can help inform tool developers how to design effective Learning Analytics Visualization which is aligned with partner organization’s goal in leveraging Learning Analytics to provide their users with tailored insights that could potentially improve their learning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marek Hatala


Seyedeh Sanam Shirazi Beheshtiha




Computer science


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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