Learning from the Experiences of Recovery College Stakeholders to Inform the Implementation and Evaluation of an Innovative Model of Mental Health and Substance Use Care in Vancouver

The overarching objective of the RC project is to generate evidence to support the successful development, implementation, and evaluation of the Recovery College model in the Vancouver Coastal Health region of British Columbia. Research conducted by interns on this project will include incorporating lessons learned from current and previous Recovery Colleges in other areas of Canada and internationally, laying the groundwork for the development of implementation and evaluation frameworks for two (2) pilot programs of the Recovery College model. The research will help determine the impact of peer and professional co-designed, co-produced, and co-delivered educational programs have on mental health and substance use clients’ overall health outcomes (e.g., health; quality of life), as well as on peers, professionals, and students at the college, and on health service utilization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Regina Casey;Simon Davis;Michael Ungar;John Higenbottam


Joseph O'Rourke;Tracy Windsor


Canadian Mental Health Association




Health care and social assistance




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