Legado Development: Net Zero Energy Capable Design Strategy

The following proposal is to research and develop Net Zero Energy (NZE) capable sustainable design strategies for Legado, a large building development planned for Griffintown, Montreal. Two interns will work with 7983859 CANADA INC. under the supervision of professors from the School of Architecture at McGill University and the Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies at Concordia University in conducting this research over 12 months. This will involve precedent study; identification of best practices and challenges to sustainable design in this context; research of systems, materials, and products to achieve NZE capable design; building design iterations; modelling, testing, and evaluating options in the production of a feasibility study and business case report. This will influence the development of Legado and will advance knowledge in the research area through elaboration of the practical realities of NZE capable design in the context of large scale hybrid buildings in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Jemtrud


Benjamin Wareing


7983859 CANADA INC


Architecture and design


Alternative energy


McGill University



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