Leisure Access Victoria: Recreation Accessibility Website, Apps and Tools

Recreation Integration Victoria and the School of Public Health and Social Policy (at UVic.) will address critical issues around the health, fitness and social integration of persons with disabilities in the Victoria Capital Regional District (CRD). Our goal is to promote and facilitate increased fitness, physical activity and healthy living across the entire disability spectrum. We will develop a fully accessible, one-stop web-site and app which will provide comprehensive and detailed information about resources, facilities, activities, programs and services (and their accessibility) within the CRD. We will also develop a module to specifically address the needs of young adults with developmental disabilities. It will include an on-line healthy living curriculum and novel, engaging tools directed at improving their overall health, diet and fitness. The project perfectly aligns with the mandate and missions of both partner organizations in promoting the health, independence and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Viviene Temple


Tianming Wei


Recreation Integration Victoria


Computer science


Management of companies and enterprises




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