Leveraging linked, person-level health information to inform resident safety and a risk management framework within retirement homes in Ontario, Canada

The retirement home sector in Ontario is rapidly expanding, given the need for assisted living services to support an aging population, coupled with health system issues related to hallway health care and a deficit of long-term care capacity. However, there is no research on this sector to inform policies related to risk assessment, quality of care, and retirement home sector performance. To address this gap, linked health system administrative data in Ontario will be used to investigate the rates of injuries and anxiety and depression among retirement home residents and the subsequent health service use attributed to them. In addition, factors associated with the spread of COVID-19 through retirement homes and retirement communities will also be investigated. This project supports the mandate of the RHRA, and it supports the RHRA’s mission to use data and evidence to support a risk-based approach to decision-making.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Costa


Derek Manis


Retirement Home Regulatory Authority




Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services


McMaster University



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