Lie Group Statistical Analysis of Human Movement

Statistical analysis of 3-dimensional motions of objects or humans is instrumental to establish how these motions differ, depending on various influences or parameters. When such motions involve no stretching or tearing, they may be described by the elements of the Special Euclidean Group. Statistical analysis of physical processes of this kind is complicated by the basic properties of the group; for example, by the fact that the arithmetic average of two rotations is not a rotation. Algorithms developed by Mr. Till in the course of his doctoral research to date, which exploit the unique properties of a formalism called Conformal Geometric Algebra, permit such statistical analyses to be carried out efficiently by computer despite these complications. This project will extend and generalize these algorithms to create a set of analytical tools which can be made available to a wide variety of researchers, clinicians and commercial users, who can apply them in a wide variety of statistical discrimination and hypothesis-testing contexts while remaining focused on their own disciplines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Peter F. Driessen


Bernie C. Till


GeoVerse Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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