Linking Animals, Social Justice and Social work

Speciesism – discrimination by species – is recognized by some moral philosophers as a social justice issue. It is a problem for animals and humans alike since studies show that how we treat animals is related to how we treat each other and to public health. We aim to raise awareness of speciesism among social workers – a group likely to respond to social justice issues – to see if they become more willing to advocate for animals. Animal advocates, social workers and I form the participatory action research team. We will develop and deliver an education module to BC social workers in focus groups and hold follow-up individual interviews. Raised awareness may lead to behavioural change in social workers and policy change in social work institutions and beyond. This project will expand the knowledge of Vancouver Foundation staff and assist in outreach activities to groups interested in human-animal relations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Young


Ranjana Basu


Vancouver Foundation




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