Lithium titanate nanocomposites for hybrid supercapacitors

Rapidly diversifying technologies are driving demand for power supplies that can meet a wider range of and more intermittent power needs. Main drivers include transportation, renewable energy grid connections, energy storage, and consumer electronics. Tesla has recently purchased a top supercapacitor company, Maxwell Technologies, to streamline these advancements to product integration. Supercapacitors are an important technology used in the power supply industry, supplementing conventional batteries by offering higher power and longer lifetime. Hybrid supercapacitors are undergoing accelerated development and expected to surpass current market options due to their promise of high energy and power density, and long cycle life. In this project we investigate fabrication process variations to improve their performance. Our industry partner intends to scale up the processes to establish Canadian supercapacitor R&D and manufacturing that will position us as a global competitor in this expanding high tech market.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Madden


Saeedeh Ebrahimi Takalloo


Tycor UPS


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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