Low-cost complex genome assembly and annotation

There is a pressing need to apply genomics-based tools for rapidly evaluating the impact of industrial and municipal waste management practices and climate change. In order to do this, information about the genome from relevant North American species is needed, yet acquiring these complex genome sequences had been cost and resource prohibitive until recently.

Working together with the partner, the intern will develop a low-cost method for generating complex genome assemblies and annotation that is desperately needed. The target species will be the bullfrog, a global frog species that represents the largest frog family, and is regarded as a “wet canary in the coalmine”. The intern’s involvement will provide essential biochemical and biological knowledge to the project. The developed methods will facilitate the creation of new BC-based jobs, and translate to novel environmental monitoring and assessment tools that will be adopted by environmental consulting firms and regulatory agencies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Caren Helbing


S. Austin Hammond


BC Cancer Agency


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Life sciences


University of Victoria



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