Low-Cost Sensor System for Remote COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

The rapidly increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients and long hospitalization periods place great strain on the current healthcare system in Canada. While some patients need hospitalization, most do not. To monitor those at home, accurate data is vital. There are several reasons that prevent continuous monitoring of the five physiological parameters (e.g., skin temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate); most involve cost. Remote patient monitoring helps COVID-19 patients avoid hospital readmissions, saving an average of over $14,000 for hospital stay per patient. To be truly effective, wearable devices (e.g., wristwatch, vital patch) must be widely available and therefore low cost. Our goal is to develop a low-cost sensor system to perform real-time remote monitoring of the physiological parameters for COVID-19 patients, with the aim of reducing healthcare costs. Provide continuous monitoring of the physiological parameters while walking or exercising.

Faculty Supervisor:

Salama Ikki


Yahia Alghorani


Remote Patient Monitoring Systems


Engineering - computer / electrical




Lakehead University


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