Low cost wearable and continuous temperature sensor for COVID-19 pre-screening with remote monitoring (TEMPOS)

This project will undertake the development of a cost-effective, continuous monitoring, wireless temperature sensor. The sensor development undertaken with NURO will integrate the hardware with software algorithms designed to track and deliver a simple output for healthcare monitoring. The device is anticipated to be employed for tracking of COVID-19 in front line workers by monitoring their body temperature as fever is one of its most common symptoms. The device will form an integral part of NURO’s overall platform that is based on human-machine interface and is expected to become the basis for further expansion into other devices for monitoring pulse rate and shape, electrocardiograms etc . Such a comprehensive tool set will allow the monitoring of a wide-ranging conditions affecting human health and TEMPOS is a critical step in current scenario and for future applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vivek Maheshwari;George Shaker


Hua Fan;Avi Mathur;Hajar Abedi;Martins Akhuokhale





Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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