Low-Energy Transfer Trajectory Design and Optimization for Space Exploration


Design tradeoff must be made between the scientific payload and the spacecraft platform in a space mission. Scientists often want to have as many instruments as possible on the spacecraft and they also want to be able to use those instruments until the end of the mission. The scientist’s desire for many instruments translates to a requirement for maximum final mass. Because the initial spacecraft mass is typically predetermined by the launch vehicle, currently the main approach to increase the final mass is to reduce the amount of propellant required for maneuvers during the mission. In our research, we will investigate low-energy interplanetary transfer approach using multi-body system theory. Our industry partner is currently working on several space exploration missions and trajectory optimization is a key technology for the success of their missions. The outcome of this project will greatly enhance our partner's competitiveness in space industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. JinJun Shan




MPB Communications


Engineering - other


Aerospace and defense


York University



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