Low-Temperature Single-Crystalline Electronics for Smart Displays

The display industry has witnessed rapid growth, in both volume and diversification. In recent years, this trend is expected to persist with continued consumer demand, for example, a wide range of devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS map readers, portable DVD players, and electronic books, as well as the ubiquitous mobile phone and laptop computers, are integrated into one display or smart display. To achieve such integration, we will develop a system based on single-crystal-silicon spheres where high-performance, large-area with low cost and highly uniform transistors will be achieved. Upon successful completion of the proposed project, the organization can develop an innovative technology for large-area electronics, which can benefit the global industries and particularly Canadian industries, and create new opportunities for the organization in different fields such as large displays and portable devices. In addition, the outcomes are also significant steps in diversifying local industries for more stability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Siva Sivoththaman


Feng Chen


Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Digital media


University of Waterloo



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