Machine Learning for Auto-Scaling Corda Node Containers

We are looking to drive the operational cost down for Corda R3 nodes. Corda R3 is a smart-contract Distributed Ledger technology. Our strategy is to do so by minimizing the cloud computing resources. Using machine learning and historic data we can proactively orchestrate a large number of nodes on behalf of our clients. The interaction between nodes is a type of social network lending itself to machine learning. In our first phase we are aiming at setting up the simulation environment.
Ultimately by brining the operational cost we can provide a more compelling value proposition to our customers and an easier entry to the market by offering a freemium service.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andriy Miranskyy


Iwona Sokalska


Incubate Innovate Network of Canada


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Ryerson University


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