Macroeconomic Models for Performance and Investigation Prediction

Corporations are under a lot of scrutiny, especially when they annually release their financial reports to the government. If a corporation makes a mistake, or if an employee submits fraudulent information, or if it appears that either is the case, then they risk being asked to amend the filing by the government, which will cause their share price to suffer and force them to painstakingly redo the report at great expense. Caseware will sell software that can analyze these reports and determine if an amendment request is likely. The software can also make predictions about the future value of a company’s assets, which can help companies make informed decisions. This project’s goal is to increase the accuracy of this software by allowing it to look at big-picture information, such as the value of the stock market or the unemployment rate, when making its judgements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Rudzicz


Matthew Arnold


CaseWare International


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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