Makerbloks Kit Video Analysis using Computer Vision Techniques

MakerBloks is a creative solution to introduce children to the world of electronics. Our first products, MakerBloks, are small, reactive, color-coded building block that allows the user to learn and build electronic circuits without any technical background. In order to bring electronics learning to a new level of interactivity, MakerBloks want to develop a block recognition software that will allow the physical building blocks to interact with a tablet application. The video analysis project will allow user to react with a virtual environment, solve puzzles and get exposed to a new level of possibilities while using real physical electronic components. This will enhance the child learning abilities and capabilities in a way that have never been approached before. By using video analysis, users will be able to have a completely interactive learning platform with enhanced reality, virtual assistant and personalized learning by combining the physical product and the virtual world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Omair Ahmad


Mohamed Naiel




Engineering - computer / electrical


Media and communications


Concordia University



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