Mass Timber Material Estimation Tool for Use in Early Stages of Project Design

A gap exists in the mass timber industry between modelled construction strategies and its corresponding material usage data. Using a tool that associates visualization and corresponding data, material take offs and costing can be better communicated to clients. With research that improves estimations and mass timber implementation in projects, the building industry will be more likely to readily adopt it as a material and its associated benefits including improved construction efficiency, carbon sequestration and construction waste reduction.
This project addresses the aforementioned gap by developing a parametric tool that produces material estimations for Spearhead, a multi-faceted, value-added manufacturing company with a specialization in mass timber solutions. The tool will strive to add value in the integrative design process by providing material usage estimations, potential waste reduction strategies and cost predictions in early stages of project design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joshua M Taron


Nicolas Hamel


Spearhead Inc


Architecture and design




University of Calgary



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