Material environments as metaphors: enhancing the well-being of people with dementia

The living environments have been increasingly considered as significant to the well-being of people with dementia in both research and practice. Addressing this, practitioners, including developers, operators, and architects who are in charge of the environmental creation of dementia care facilities, need to know the specific requirements of people with dementia, in order to apply this knowledge to their practical works. As such, this study is conducted under the coordination among a PhD researcher, an architectural company and a dementia care facility developing company, researching three existing dementia care facilities in Alberta. The meanings of well-being of people with dementia and design suggestions that have potential to realize these meanings will be provided in the research results. These results will help the partner companies to enhance their knowledge of creating better living environments for people with dementia in Alberta and beyond.

Faculty Supervisor:

Megan Strickfaden


Hui Ren


Connecting Care




Life sciences




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