Maternal Augmentation and Digital Empowerment Initiative in Tanzania (MADE-IT)

Shortages of skilled healthcare professionals and unequal distribution of healthcare professionals throughout the country are two key challenges causing unexpectedly high number of preventable maternal deaths in Tanzania. Hence, developing innovative solutions that take fewer resources but have a wider impact on Tanzanian midwifery education system is crucial to avert these deaths. Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS), with 25 years of midwifery teaching skills in Africa has developed a project called “Maternal Augmentation Digital Empowerment Initiative in Tanzania”- the main goal of the project is to examine the effectiveness of digital midwifery education compared to the traditional classroom based education in developing skilled nurses and midwives. If equally effective, the digital approach would be superior in that it is substantially less resource-demanding to teach a greater number of students; in addition, if demonstrated successful in Tanzania, this approach can be widely scaled in other countries with a similar context.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Hodgins


Rafat Noor


Canadian Network for International Surgery


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta



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