Mathematical Investigation of a Balance Metric using Hypergraphs: Finding a Paper, Rock, Scissor-like relation between Game Scoring and Gaming Strategies

Fit Brains technology uses five classes in skill development that are loosely associated to certain regions of the brain. Together, these skill sets help define the human experience. It is also believed that increased fitness across these five classes can better a sense of wellness. Sometimes, incidental effects in game strategies have demonstrated that the point metric contributing to the fitness levels can be tampered with and can mislead the player in various ways. Over the next four months, the intern will investigate these problems using two approaches: 1) First, she will analyze the available statistics on Fit Brains’ gamers using Visual Analytics tools. Visual Analytics takes advantage of our human perceptual system to help track patterns in the behavior of gamers; 2) She will define a hyper-graphical, semi-formal approach to develop a strategy that will not tolerate any imbalances between the five classes metrics or any gaming strategies that may interfere with the accurate assessment of the brain fitness level of Fit Brains’ gamers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ginger Grant


Nathalie Prevost


Fit Brains by Vivity Labs Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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