Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation of Advanced Hybrid Vehicle Power Systems with Different Energy Storage System Configurations and Parameters

Hybrid vehicle technology is an important and exciting area of research. This internship is with Azure Dynamics, a BC company that designs and manufactures hybrid powertrains for commercial vehicles. The intern’s research will provide a detailed energy storage system model and designs using various batteries, ultracapacitors and their combinations, as well as the computer simulation of various hybrid vehicle power systems using ADVISOR (Advanced VehIcle SimulatOR) and the company’s vehicle simulation software. Recent developments of battery and ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system and their enabling power electronics will be studied and modelled. The research will support the modelling and design optimization of the hybrid powertrain for the type of commercial hybrid trucks which are to be produced by Azure Dynamics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Zuomin Dong


Leon Zhou


Azure Dynamics




Fuel cells


University of Victoria



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