Mathematical Surface Representations for Conceptual Design

Existing computer art programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, employ a colour manipulation and blending model based on the way different colours of light combine on a monitor. This is at odds with the realworld behaviour of paints, such as oils or acrylics, as studied by fine artists. Some research has been done on simulating paint blending and manipulation on the computer, but this work depends on powerful graphics hardware and specialized input devices. In this project, we will adapt and extend the theoretical results already obtained to consumer mobile devices, such as the iPhone, as part of a digital art application targeted at fine artists already trained in real-world painting techniques. The more limited hardware capabilities available on these devices will require new models and techniques for simulating the manipulation, blending, and appearance of acrylic paints.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Hao (Richard) Zhang


Matt Olson


Shaggy Frog Software Inc.


Computer science


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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