MBSE for Modeling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Modular Robotic Systems: Case Study on AIS

Since 1960, System engineering has been used as an approach for multidisciplinary and concurrent design of complex systems. It relies on a system-centered thinking to solve problems and different design process models have been used for system engineering such as V-model. Model-based System engineering (MBSE) was developed to replace documents with models.AIS is developing mobile robots for different markets. Mobile robots are very complex systems in nature with a large number of interacting components. Addressing the complexity of such systems requires accounting for different engineering and development aspects, such as: robot production, hardware and software module production, service providing, sales and marketing, and regulation and compliance. AIS has adapted the MBSE approach and V-model as a development process for their robotic design and development process. Their goal is a comprehensive and scalable platform to enable systematic, coordinated, efficient, and productive engagement of all areas.The goal of the proposed research is to investigate different MBSE aspects within the envisioned AIS platform. Three main objectives have been defined: 1- Investigate the implementation of MBSE modeling languages for developing AIS robotic systems, 2- develop behavioral MBSE models, 3- propose a methodology for system design evaluation and optimization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh


Hani Omar Balkhair


Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc.





University of Regina



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