Measuring Canada’s Urban Forest Footprint

In recent years, with increased urbanization, the beneficial role of urban trees and forests has become critical for Canadian residents. Despite this recognition, there is little knowledge of the extent of urban forestry activities being performed across the country; one of the reasons for this is that urban foresry is happening under different labels. In addition, there is no federal or provincial support or records of work being done. Urban forestry is the responsibility of municipal governments. As Canada’s only national urban forestry organization, Tree Canada is supporting this research project to close this gap. Measuring Canada’s Urban Forest Footprint is the first initiative of its kind to examine current urban forestry activites (e.g. planning, management, stewardship/community engagement) at the national scale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Danijela Puric-Mladenovic


Yu Ki Yung


Tree Canada




Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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