Measuring what matters in education

This research project aims to provide a robust account of school performance across Canada by collecting and measuring data on six critical indicators. These indicators are academic achievement, physical and mental health, social-emotional development, creativity and innovation, citizenship and democracy, and school climate. To address this inquiry, survey data will be collected and integrated with existing government data sources to aptly measure the six indicators. By measuring these indicators, this research project has the potential to offer a fuller understanding of school performance. The intern’s role is to organize, integrate, and synthesize survey data and existing government data sources. Following these analyses, the intern will participate in reporting research findings and will attend relevant-conferences to present the findings of this research project. By employing the intern, Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group will bolster its data analysis capacity and enhance the overall quality of its report on school performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joseph Flessa


Daniel Hamlin


Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group






University of Toronto



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