Mechanical locking and durability of engineered floor products

Despite the global growth of the flooring market and the need for more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective flooring designs, there is little comparative information for the Canadian flooring industry to improve the design and fabrication of laminated floor panels to address both the mechanical performance and durability of their designs while manufacturing cost-effective products. The project aims to examine the potential for the design of novel flooring panels that more efficient in terms of mechanical assembly and joining, in the meantime, more durable when exposed to harsh service conditions. The project will gather critical knowledge about the mechanical designs of flooring panels, their durability performance, and the means to improve their properties under extreme conditions. The project has the design, characterization, and manufacturing phase and will be conducted in collaboration with a Canadian partner organization. It will help the Canadian flooring industry to offer local consumers a more durable product and keep its competencies in the global market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chunping Dai


Vahid Nasir;Mohammad Khajouei;Rain Liu








University of British Columbia



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