Media/Communication Repertoires of Canadian Small Businesses Owners

This research aims to identify different kinds of Canadian small firms on the basis of their owner/managers’ communication behaviour and media preferences. This is in contrast to past practices which identified similarities and differences among SMEs on the basis of sociodemographic variables. Communication behaviour and media choices of SME owner/managers is a key characteristic in shaping purchasing behaviour and communication preferences. The research considers the communication behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes of SME owner/managers in terms of patterned repertoires. The analysis of media repertoires is a useful way of identifying structured patterns of media use and communication behaviour across channels and platforms. On the basis of survey and focus group data, this research aims to identify key media repertoires for Canadian SMEs and produce one or more personas, or model representations of users or customers, for each repertoire.

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Davis


Hanako Smith






Information and communications technologies




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