Medicinal Chemistry Studies on Small Molecule Glucocerebrosidase Inhibitors

The objective of this internship is to create new chemical compounds that can be used to further our research and understanding of a human enzyme known as GBA2 – implicated in several debilitating diseases and signalling pathways in the body. These compounds would not only serve as tools to probe GBA2 for additional information but could also function as potential downstream therapeutics or pre-cursors to future medications to treat GBA2 malfunction. By synthesizing these probes, the intern will not only gain exposure to a branch of medicinal chemistry at the crossroads of organic synthesis and pharmaceutical sciences but will also have the opportunity to work and learn in an industrial science environment. In return, the intern will provide the partner organization with these valuable compounds and potential therapeutics which may serve the greater Canadian community as a resource for continued research, publication, and application.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Vocadlo;Vance Williams


Viktor Holicek


Alectos Therapeutics Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services




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