Mental Wellness Application for Current and Post COVID 19 Self Help Training and Assessment

People who experience mental wellness challenges or mental illness often struggle to obtain or maintain a position in the workplace. Furthermore, lack of employment means individuals lose out on a myriad of mental, emotional, and physiological benefits that are generated through work. This is extremely relevant given the current COVID crisis where personal distancing and isolation are required for the greater societal good. In response to this problem, the Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (Sask Polytech), Refresh Enterprises, Inc. (Refresh), and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatchewan Division (CMHA-SK) are collaborating to finalize the development of the Mental Wellness App (RWA), a multifaceted lifestyle program that will promote healthy mentality and facilitate relational support through peers and professionals. RWA will leverage artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and automatic personality recognition (APR) technology in order to automatically respond to users’ mental and emotional states, offering helpful suggestions and resources. With the individual user’s permission, this information could be shared with involved health care workers, who will also be able to use the app to inform their services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terry Peckham;Susan Blum;Raymond Spiteri


Jessie Smith;Hugh Ullrich;Sheida Knight




Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services




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