Methods and Approaches in ‘One Health’ Surveillance – Water Colifrom/E.Coli Provincial Study Phase 2


Well water test results for the presence of total coliform and E. coli. were obtained from the Alberta Provincial Laboratory for Public Health (ProvLab) and analyzed to gain a better understanding of spatial water quality and the role of temporal environmental features in the well contamination process. Phase 1 of this research investigated (i) seasonal patterns in the relationship between test results and precipitation; and (ii) spatial and temporal clustering patterns in test results and precipitation. This project (Phase 2 of this research) focuses on (i) further describing the positive rates of total coliforms and E. coli., (ii) adding factors such as specific well attributes, animal density in surrounding areas, climatologic and soil factors into the analysis, and (iii) creating maps for use in policy and planning by water quality stakeholders in the province of Alberta and (iv) discussion of implications for the “One Health” concept to such analyses.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sylvia Checkley


Rachel Cullen


AQL Management Consulting Inc.


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Calgary



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