Methods and Techniques for Security Assessment of Android Apps

Besides typical personal usages, mobile devices are also being integrated into enterprises, government agencies, and military networks. Consequently, these devices held valuable sensitive information which makes them face the same level of malicious attacks that have targeted the desktop environments over the past three decades. Ensuring the securing open mobile platform such as Android requires a robust and rigorous security analysis methods and techniques. For example, while Android is based on a Linux kernel, Android has unique properties and specific limitations due to its specific mobile nature and target applications which makes it harder to detect and react upon malware attacks using conventional techniques originally developed for stationary desktop platforms.

The purpose of this project is to continue the development of a prototype for static and dynamic analysis of Android Applications, which we have developed in the past with one of our industrial partners . We plan to continue enhancing the features of this prototype and further develop new methods and techniques that can be used to assess the security Android Apps.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amr Youssef


Mahima Gupta



Computer science



Concordia University



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