Methods for detecting Hardware Blu-ray player emulation, debugging or instrumentation

Blu-Ray Disk Framework offers content protection system which is intended to protect audio/video media against piracy. The Blu-Ray Content Protection System consists of three individually working components: Advance Access Control System, ROM-Mark and BD+. Each component works collaboratively with the other in order to protect high-definition content distributed on Blu-Ray discs. The ability of a Blu-Ray content protection system to detect unauthorized playback depends upon the protected information saved on the Blu Ray player, if an attacker is able to access protected information saved on player then it is possible to trick a player for unauthorized media playback. This research project will focus on the creation of a novel process that will be used to detect if an attempt to extract protected information from the player is being made. The result will be used to make the existing Blu Ray BD+ technology more secure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Kunz


Pranav Pareek


Irdeto Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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