Methods to assess botanical extracts for potential plant growth stimulating or pest growth inhibiting action on crops

Botanical extracts with the potential to stimulate crop plant growth or performance must be rigorous tested as part of new product development. Similarly, botanical extracts that control microbial growth on plant tissues (including plant pathogenic fungi, bacteria, nematodes, etc.) or that control insect or arachnid pests on plants (aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, mites, etc.) must be tested for unintended toxicity or inhibitory growth effects on plants. This project will develop standardized operating procedures (SOPs) to evaluate the effects of new botanical extracts on crop plant seed germination and early growth and to control microbial (fungal) issues on 3 major species grown in greenhouses (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper). SOPs will then be used towards discovery of herbal recipes with potential plant growth stimulating or pest growth inhibiting action. This will provide the partner company with detailed procedures to use for testing botanicals and assist with future project submissions to the Canadian Pesticide Risk Reduction Program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Danielle Donnelly


Juhie Joshi


Mondias Naturals Inc






McGill University



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