Mexico-Cuba Bilateral Relations After El Bache: The Role of International Visual Art Exhibitions.

During my 12-week stay in Mexico City I aim to obtain and analyze archival material pertinent to the exhibition Cuba: Imagen y Posibilidad, a large Cuban photographic exhibition viewed by three million visitors to Mexico City’s Galerias Abiertas de las Rejas de Chapultepec during 2009. This exhibition is central to my doctoral research, as it outlines the complexities of Cuba-Mexico bilateral relations as established through the’ employment of international visual art exhibitions. Documents
chronicling the communication between Cuban and Mexican officials regarding the organization, display and political function of Imagen y Posibilidad are housed at the archives of Galerias Abiertas de las Rejas de Chapultepec and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. My main objective is to access, copy and analytically dissect these jocuments under the supervision of Dra. Laura Castaneda from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, and the cooperation of Deputy Director of Galerias Abiertas de las
Rejas de Chapultepec Jose Manuel Rodriguez Ramirez.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Krull


Ana M. Ruiz Aguirre



Cultural studies



Queen's University



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