Microcontroller development and integration for high voltage bushing condition monitoring through wireless communication

It has been demonstrated in the previous research that monitoring only one point as the sole region of insulation degradation is not sufficient for operational safety of high-voltage bushings. Therefore, monitoring a wider volume of the high stress region inside the bushing using ECT sensing becomes a necessity for earlier detection of defects. In this project, we will investigate this problem and develop algorithms and prototypes of using microcontroller, sensors and wireless networking technologies for determining the condition of polymer high voltage bushings. The method proposed is different from current methods of monitoring bushings which utilise Tan- Delta. The microcontroller will accurately determine the location of insulation condition on a 3-dimensional for solid insulation. A significant advancement compared to existing sensors which report localised damage near a test tap. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Cheng Li


Zijun Gong


Power HV


Engineering - other






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