Microfluidics Study of Three-Phase Non-Equilibrium Phase Behavior

CO2 management have been an important research theme to minimize the GHG impact on Canadian environment. Enhanced oil recovery by injecting CO2 underground is a very efficient way to minimize the CO2 environmental effect. Meanwhile, after primary and secondary production, either CHOP or CHOPS well present a high water cut in the produced liquid stream. This high water cut has a significant effect on choosing the proper post-CHO techniques. Therefore, in order to understand how the presence of various aqueous phase interacts with CO2 injection in heavy oil reservoir, non-equilibrium phase behavior study will be conducted on three-phase system under multiple reservoir operating schemes within the equipment allowable range of 0.1MPa—20MPa and 20?— 180?. Multiphase flow system mainly includes CO2 and heavy oil, with the addition of other aqueous solutions, such as brine, polymer, surfactant, alkaline solution etc. A profound understanding of solvent-heavy oil-aqueous solution three-phase non-equilibrium phase behavior will be achieved.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farshid Torabi


Jing Zhao


Petroleum Technology Research Centre


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying


University of Regina



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